Bible Study

In the pages of the Bible, we meet God, and as we read and study it together, we find that God meets life. At Redeemer, Bible Study is something we prize and cherish. Not only do we discover God’s word for our lives, but in doing it together, we gain new insights and share our lives and God’s promises. Bible Study is a source of information and inspiration at Redeemer that filters into our worship and our daily living.

SonRise Bible Study

The SonRise Bible Study meets on Tuesday mornings at 7:15 am.   Coffee is provided and you can feel free to bring something to eat as we meet.   This study focuses on the Psalm that we will use on the upcoming Sunday during our worship.  The Psalm is often an overlooked part of our worship, but is intended as a commentary on the first lesson, and often relates to the gospel as well.   We read the Psalm in several versions and then reflect on what we find there together.   Two comments are often heard:  “I can’t believe how much more I get out of the Sunday worship by coming on Tuesday morning,” and “I never knew all this was in the Psalms.“   We finish by 8:00 am so people can get to work.

Pastor’s Thursday Bible Study

The Thursday Bible Study is offered twice each Thursday (September-May), once at 9:30am and then repeated at 7:00pm.   This study tends to focus on one book of the Bible at the time and we typically start at the beginning and go through it together.  The pastor offers insight and inspiration and encourages conversation and discussion.   This class also does a lot of laughter together.   Come join us!  You’ll be glad you did!